KopTalk VIP Membership Support

If you require help with your membership, please email support @ koptalk.com or contact us via Whatsapp or Telegram on +44 7453 353480 – please include your member display name (the name that is displayed when you post on the members’ forums)

Q: I am having problems logging in. What do I do?

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

  • You need to visit https://www.paypal.com, locate your subscription and cancel. You must do this prior to your renewal date.
  • If you joined via another method or need help, please email support @ koptalk.com

Q: How do I renew my membership?

  • Please go to: https://www.koptalk.com/join-koptalk/
  • To speed things up, after completing your payment, you can email support @ koptalk.com to advise them of your payment. Thanks for supporting us!

Q: I am a KopTalk.TV or Podcast Patron. Can I have a free log-in to the members’ community?

  • If you joined KopTalk.TV, our YouTube channel, on the KopTalk.TV VIP tier or KopTalk Legend tier, you are entitled to free access to the members’ community for as long as you subscribe to KopTalk.TV on YouTube
  • You need to email your YouTube username to support @ koptalk.com, that’s the name that appears next to your name on YouTube when you post a comment.
  • When emailing support, please provide a login name and display name. Your login name is only visible to you e.g. davesmith and your display name e.g. RedDave is visible to others if you post on the members’ forums
  • You can provide a password of your choice or we will generate one for you
  • Podcast Patrons do not have access to the members’ community at the present time

Q: Is my data secure? Do you sell my data?

  • We never sell your data or provide any of your details to anyone (unless you request us to provide your email address to another member).
  • If you provide an email address, this is only used to provide the service(s) you have requested.
  • If you cancel your membership, if you email support @ koptalk.com we will delete your email address from our member database.
  • YouTube (KopTalk.TV) and Patreon (KopTalk Podcast) are responsible for your personal information relating to subscriptions and payments that are made via either of those platforms. You should contact them direct if you have any problems with payments or their services/platforms.
  • YouTube, Patreon, Paypal never provide any of your payment details to us e.g. bank details, credit or debit card numbers etc.
  • We can never manually debit your bank account, credit or debit cards as we do not have any of that information.