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KopTalk Members – BACK ONLINE

Wednesday 12th April – 2200

The forums are back online. However, we are working on the theme so please understand that it’s not going to look right for a few days.

Wednesday 12th April – 2028

My tech guy has touched base and has commenced the forum repair and upgrade. I will be staying up overnight so that I can work alongside him and his timezone.

Wednesday 12th April – 1915

Server operating system upgraded.

Basic template / theme for upgraded members’ forums purchased allowing a speedier return. Then I will begin tinkering with the colours to make things more suitable for our community but we will be online during that phase. It will just take a bit of time to have a nice looking red/white theme. However, new work-friendly themes will finally return as part of the upgrade.

Awaiting on my tech guy in the US to respond and provide a timeline for upgrades.

When the forums return there will be lots of new features including direct messaging (if not abused).

Wednesday 12th April – 1319

We are aware of a major outage and are working hard to fix it as soon as possible. Subsequently there will be no podcast or video updates until this matter is fixed.

You can join us in the KopTalk chat room to stay in the loop until this is resolved. Simply go to https://t.me/koptalkchat

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